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Gezonde Generatie

Bedankt voor het roken.


Smokers are still aggressively tricked into becoming addicted and dying prematurely. De Gezonde Generatie is an initiative that fights for the healthiest generation in 20240. Making sure smoking isn't as widely acceptable is part of the agenda to get to that generation.



Create a campaign where a bigger part of the Netherlands wants to make a fist against this industry and fight with us.  



One of the most important insights was that it's not the people who are the problem, it's the industry. The people have actually been misled and tricked into smoking. Time to reveal the absurd plot twist in a way only the tobacco industry can. We thanked everyone in the Netherlands for smoking. Thank you for believing in our tricks. Thank you for joining us.



The message gave the Netherlands munition to fight against the industry and created frustration to make a stand. As part of these efforts, we have started a new initiative that aims to eliminate it @doei.tabaksindustrie.


The campaign was established in collaboration with WeFilm HPB and LamaLama.

 Creative Direction 



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